When someone thanks you for doing your job it makes you feel good. When they write a 1,100 word blog post you know they are a special, gracious individual. Several of our staff members were mentioned in a web post by Tony Mussari. Now you can lean about our level of care from the eyes of a patient. Read the blog

 Physical Therapy Department
Eileen M. Morris Testimonial
Ann Marie Michlowski Testimonial
Dr. Gillick                                                             
Jerry and Kay Hiller Testimonial

Dr. Henderson
Rosmay McAndrew Testimonial
Gilman Young Testimonial
Linde Malti Testimonial
Janice Siddons' Testimonial
Gerald Fallas Testimonial 

Dr. Henzes
Al Smith Testimonial
Dr. Jordan
JoAnn Lane Testimonial
Kathleen Ringsley Jacobs Testimonial

Dr. Rich
Elaine Allegrucci's Testimonial
Dr. Samujh
Patsy Kirk Testimonial  
Judy Farrell Testimonial
Ed Rish Testimonial
Steve Devereaux Testimonial
Shannon Prompovitch Testimonial
Evelyn Tully Testimonial
Dr. Schmaltz
Mary Beth Nealon-Kasper Testimonial
 Paul Cobb Testimonial
Sharon Firmstone Testimonial
 Joseph White Testimonial
Isabelle Russell Testimonial 
Melanie Arsenault Testimonial
Sharon Firmstone Testimonial
Kitch Loftus-Mussari Testimonial
Enima Preambo
Joseph W. O'Boyle Testimonial
Rosemarie A. James Testimonial
Carole Zubro Testimonial 
Joseph P. Hart Testimonial
Louis Palazzi Testimonial

Kyle Kermmerer Testimonial
Lee Berrettini Testimonial
Daniel Chacko Testimonial
Thomas Di Matteo Testimonial
Dave Doud Testimonial
Jim Richards Testimonial
Kathleen Reiss Testimonial
Margaret Gulino

Pat McDevitt Testimonial
Richard I. Mates Testimonial
Dennis Morell Testimonial
Ms. Hallisky Testimonial
John P. Neary Testimonial
Mr. Stephen Rudowsky Testimonial
Trude Weidow Testimonial